Site Imagery
Through 25+ years of my career as a photographer, I’ve produced images for corporate identity, industry branding, and community promotions -as well as an archive of my own exhibition work and personal documentary projects.

The images I am sharing to viewers on this site are from assorted collections in my archives.........and that will always be an ongoing work-in-progress kind-of-thing. From my “Tastefully Charlotte” Diner’s series of the late ‘80s, to photographs of fine art, to samples from my Russian Exhibition in 2001, to my favorite travel destinations and vintage clothes collection - you’re welcomed to explore what you wish!
(locked folders need a password you can access from me)

My Professional Transition
As a former sole-proprietor and more recently a museum collections photo-specialist, I accept, celebrate, and declare the fact that I'm a hybrid in the marketplace!

My aim: to find an enterprise that values my experience in project implementation and production coordination AS WELL AS client-relations and service-provider acumen. My background is extensive in all of the above and I am ready to find my NEXT BIG THING.

Currently, I am most attracted to medium-sized companies that are on a growth-track, as I aim to be part of an operation that I can grow with. Companies who are savvy to capitalizing on a mix of generational staffers set a path of success that I want to be part of and contribute to. We all have so much to learn from each other!

So, if you know of a company that’s looking for quality-conscious dedication and needs just the right catalyst in their operation (be it a short project or a full-time position) - please do link them up with me!

"When working with clients on large productions or coordinating logistics for an organization's programming - I enjoy the process of problem-solving and the evolution of good production dynamics."